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If anyone would like a rooted cutting of one of my plants, especially if you’d like to trade, send me an email!

Begonia pavonina

  • Season Icon Late SpringLate Spring 2019
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This is the #Begonia #pavonina that I started growing from a leaf cutting! It’s doing great! It’s growing amazingly well! So far, I’ve been getting my best results when watering it with the water that comes out of my son’s Betta Fish tank during water changes! As a matter of fact, all of the plants are loving that!

  • Season Icon Mid SpringMid Spring 2019
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Everyone, say hello to my baby #Begonia #pavonina #plantlet ! It’s a few weeks old now and is doing well enough that I figured I’d post a picture. It’s the cutest little thing and is “only” my 4th (or more...) attempt at propagating this plant. It’s currently growing in a 2” pot containing 50% perlite and 50% vermiculite. The pot is housed in a ziplock bag sitting on a shelf in a north-eastern window. I’m quite proud of this little one!