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We're all growing well, together

As novice gardeners co-founders David and Daniel thought that there really must be a better way to grow by harnessing the power of a growing community.  That's exactly what GardenTags does, it brings together novice growers with experienced gardeners who inspire, support and advise. You can also manage your entire plant collection so at any time you know what's in your garden and how to care for it with the automated care tasks.

Title Our MissionOur Mission

Our mission is to turn the fear of gardening into the joy of growing for millions of people across the globe. Plant by plant, garden by garden we want to encourage everyone to get outside and grow!

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Garden Tags TeamThe GardenTags Team

Meet the GardenTags team

Member Dougal Matthews

Dougal Matthews

Creative cultivator...Design guru and website whizz

Member Lukas Pechar

Lukas Pechar

Promising planter...Our #1 developer who dreams in code

Member Megan Scott

Megan Scott

Fairy garden grower...Content executive and social media guru

Member David Scott

David Scott

Growing in gardening confidence...Co-founder and technological brains behind the operation.

Member Daniel Richards

Daniel Richards

Budding gardener...Co-founder and growth hacker has gone from Virgin group employee to virgin grower

Movie TitleDo you have the gardening fear? Watch to find out...

Partner with usGrow with us

We'll help you grow if you help us grow. If you're a garden centre, specialist grower, crafter, charity or any other business that's interested in promoting the joy of growing then please get in touch with us to find out how you can connect with gardeners across the globe.