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Profile Image David Greig-Vile


A developing love of gardening, that became a passion, and resulted in a small family business. Located on the East of Scotland, outside Kirriemuir.

Prostanthera cuneata

  • Season Icon Early SummerEarly Summer 2017
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Prostanthera cuneata. Photographed, 2 June 2017, at Reedie Cottage Garden, East Scotland. Also known as Australian Mint Bush. Small, glossy, evergreen foliage, which right now has pure white flowers with purple spotted throats, and a dab of golden yellow. Foliage has a strong mint scent when touched. Grows to approx 1m×1m. Fairly easy to propagate! #prostanthera #australian #mint #bush #evergreen #whiteflowers #purplespottedthroat #scentedfoliage #reediecottagegarden

  • Season Icon Early SummerEarly Summer 2016
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Prostanthera cuneata (Alpine Mint Bush). Small evergreen shrub with tiny, glossy, rounded leaves - which are a highly aromatic mint scent. Covered with white flowers, with dark purple spots, in summer. Definitely recommended!!! 😀