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Zone 7a/b. For me, plants aren't a hobby nor collectors items. They are my therapy and my medication. Some take Xanax or weed, I clean leaves.

Philodendron Birkin

  • Season Icon Early WinterEarly Winter 2020
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Found this charm at the BBS. I've had this sonofagun on my wishlist for well over a year. I've alllllmost bought one online about 30 times. But I just couldn't make myself pay $30 or more for a tiny plant. Well. I'm sure glad I didn't. Picked this one up today for less than $20! I mean who doesn't like a good pinstripe? Pinstripe suits, pinstripe paint on a car or variegation on a leaf! I love it. #philodendronbirkin #thinwhitelinethursday #pinstripes #philodendron #wishlistcheck