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Veg grower in a small garden. Self sufficient as much as possible. Vegan. Need all the Vit D I can get. 😍

Cucumis Sativus 'Mini Stars'

  • Season Icon Early SpringEarly Spring 2020
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Started these seeds off in a heated propagator 3 days ago. They are now triffids. @gwenniemom will be over run with fresh produce when I am finished this summer. Just to say that @gwenniemom is coming on in leaps and bounds and progressing fantastically. The lockdown due to Covid19 is obviously keeping us all in but she will be sitting in her yard getting some Vit D this weekend. I can't be with her due to shielding her but I'm on the phone all day every day to her and she is still amazing. Love

  • Season Icon Early SpringEarly Spring 2019
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The cucumbers are potted and the peas ready to climb...veggarden #containergardening #growyourownforhealth #govegan #vegan #vegangardener #selfsufficient #plantbased #raisedbeds #growyourownvegetables