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Year4 ish on @GT ( ) stay safe one and all 😘= from here in the #ScottishBorders #kokedama #CallingCard.#luddite can’t spell for toffee 🤣 enjoyall.

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Had to get myself a #weetreat today, came across this wee #shop , so so #cheap . Must wander #Brunsfield more often some fab new #Independent shops 👌 going to have to work out 🤔 how to leave them a #Callingcard let's call it #Callingcard16 there fresh displays were amazing ! It has to be said , there's a large #Marguerite . Love the way there's are way ahead of my #greenhouse ones as they keep them in the shop 😜😊😎 I no how much it's a pain taking in and out of a shop it's worth it 📝👌