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26 |🌱|🌵| South Alabama 🐘 | 8b | Instagram: @_madnessbroken | “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” - Audrey Hepburn 🌻 #succulove

Aloe barbadensis syn. Aloe Vera

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Day 14: (catch up, again) Big Boi. So I don’t actually have any “Big Bois” so instead I’m just posting the biggest succulent plant I have which is my Aloe Vera plant. I didn’t realize that I haven’t even posted this babe before now. Here is what I’m naming my today’s “big boi.” If I go to my parents house today I may post a proper big boi using one of their plants I take care of. We’ll see 😊 #plantvember #plantvemberphotochallenge #semicolon-heart #tattoo #succulent #aloe-vera #succulove