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Undergrad student, fighting depression & anxiety one plant at a time 😊🌵🌷🌿 Renting house with small, neglected urban garden since Jan 2016!

Lychnis coronaria syn. Agrostemma coronaria syn. Agrostemma tomentosum

  • Season Icon Early SummerEarly Summer 2019
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I was so delighted to find these two rose campion in my local corner GC!! I've really wanted them but nowhere around sold them so I was about to take a gamble on Amazon until I luckily saw these. I love the fuzzy silver leaves and can't wait to see them flower. I planted them near a lavender in the hot sun 😆 #campion #rosecampion #lychniscoronaria #lychnis-coronaria #rose-campion #foliage #silver #silverfoliage