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Hello all from here in the Scottish Borders - Kelso - started of years ago on here in Edinburgh - Total luddite can’t spell for toffee 😊🤣 enjoyall.

Ocimum basilicum 'Minette'

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Basil - Minette - Ocimum Basilcum - Experiment - hydro 5 - Kryddaii -Naomi126 hydi310717 pic 6- 9 Afternoon playing with a wee prezzy thx to Ikea 💋 trying out there wee Krydda growing system ! So chuffed ... this is gardening heaven for a renter 🍾 note to self don't over fill again all your perfectly placed seed swim to different positions 😬😂😊 the Basil ends up looking like frog 🐸 spawn 😊 #Krydda #ikea #growsystem #Naomi126 #hydi310717 #urban #gyo #basil #minette